How to Study Children? Methodological Solutions of Childhood Research

What is child or childhood research, and what makes it so special? This book introduces child research starting from the definition and fundamental ethical questions all the way to a variety of methodological solutions. The leading thought of this book is to consider children as active and capable research subjects.\nThe purpose of this book is to provide hands-on examples and serve as a methodological text book and inspiration to educators, students, and researchers in the field of child research.\nThe editors of this book, Adjunct Professor, Dr. Satu Uusiautti and Professor, Dr. Kaarina Määttä represent research of the psychology of education at the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland. The contributors of peer-reviewed articles included in this book have graduated from the University of Lapland\n

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Uusiautti Satu & Määttä Kaarina (eds.)
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