Where Is Turnip Troll and Other Stories from Lapland

This English-language children’s book tells about the Troll Family, who live in Finnish Lapland.

With eleven children – not to mention a dog, a horse, a couple of cats and a pet reindeer – even everyday life is an adventure. The book is divided into ten stories, each one focussing on one of the Troll children (the two smallest children share the first story). The book takes the reader through a year in Lapland, starting in midwinter and moving through Easter, May Day, Midsummer, the hay-making season in summer, berry-picking in autumn, the coming of winter, and finally the Christmas holidays and the beginning of another year.

The book is aimed especially at foreigners who want to learn about the nature, traditions and customs of Finland and life above the Arctic Circle, but Finns and native Laplanders can also see their homeland from a new perspective, as the stories combine learning with fun and entertainment. Children and adults alike will enjoy reading about the adventures of Turnip, Tick-Tack and the rest of the Troll children.

Kovakantinen kirja
204 s.
Hurd Michael, Illustrated by Etto Ulla
Tuotekoodi 017658
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