The Integrated Media Machine Aspects of Future Interfaces and Cross-Media Culture

The flight into an imaginary space collapses distinctions among technological innovation, artistic creativity, and politico-economic power. – Robert Markley, Virtual Realities and Their Discontents (1996) Utopias and dystopias are continuously being born and dying. Over the last few years, themes such as the "new communication paradigm," "techno environments," "virtual realities," "cyber culture," "ubiquitous computing," "wearable computing," "ambient intel1igence," etc., have been topics of neverending discussions. This particular volume (3-4) of The Integrated Media Machine introduces the reader to the world of spatial media, cross media, ubiquitous media design, and virtual reality systems in terms of art and design, education, philosophy, semiotics, and media studies.

254 p.
Ylä-Kotola Mauri, Inkinen Sam, Isomäki Hannakaisa (eds)
Tuotekoodi 017362
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