The purpose of this research was to gain a more profound understanding of the emergence of thebusiness opportunities, and to enhance the development of entrepreneurship theory in relation tothis context. This research is to understand two issues: How does a business opportunity emerge?What makes it possible? \nThis dissertation builds a conceptual framework of the process of creating the BusinessOpportunity and concentrates on three interrelated sub-processes emerging in it: Business IdeationProcess, Business Modeling Process and Business Planning Process. The Business Ideation isdefined as creating an idea of the business opportunity with a clear focus on the customer,consideration, connection, and/or commitment. The Business Modeling Process is the conceptualmodel of the future business opportunity consisting elements such as: value creation; firm’sinternal source of advantage; position in the marketplace; profit making; and entrepreneur’sperspective. Finally, the Business Planning Process is the implementation plan of the conceptualbusiness opportunity. \nThe scientific choices are based on the critical realism that highlights reality simultaneouslyas existing independently of its observers and acknowledges the role of an actor (the entrepreneur)as being constrained by it as well as being able to change it. Furthermore, this dissertation treatsthe process of creating the business opportunities as creative process based on the idea of apersonal (or everyday) creativity and the method of creative problem solving. \nThe results indicate that the nature of the process of creating the Business Opportunities, theBOC process, allows all people to be treated as entrepreneurs if they play the role of theentrepreneur by interacting (more or less creatively) with business ideating, business modelingand business planning processes. Hence, the creative problem solving method utilized in everysub-process will free the entrepreneur from the restraint of the dominant insight of the opportunitythat sees it as a true vision of the future business venture. Here, the business opportunities arecreated during the process. Furthermore, the results show a keen interplay between the process ofcreating business opportunities and their exploitation. Hence, the BOC process appears to be anessential part of the overall entrepreneurial process.

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