This study explores customer perceived value in the context of emerging technology-intensive\nbusiness service, in particular a mobile advertising service that is at the application phase of\ndevelopment. The purpose of the study is to conceptualise customer perceived value as a\nmultidimensional concept by exploring 1) the complex interaction between benefits and sacrifices\n2) temporality and 3) learning. This way the study contributes to the existing research within\nservices marketing and business relationships.\nThe empirical part of the study is conducted in the form of a qualitative single-case study. The\nempirical setting organised to acquire data is qualitative real-life experiment. It consists of three\nfield experiments that were organised by the research project to simulate real-life situations and to\ngain understanding of developing technological services that are not yet in commercial use.\nInterviews, observations and personal experiences form the main sources of information and are\ncomplemented by secondary documental data.\nIn this study the sources of value are first identified, which enhances understanding of what\nkind of value customers perceive from emerging technological service. In addition, value subelements\nhave a complex interaction in service value co-creation, since certain sacrifices made by\nusers may increase the benefits they perceive, whereas some benefits can increase the sacrifices\nand thus reduce the customer perceived net value. Second, the concepts of expected value, realised\nvalue and potential value are identified which enables deeper understanding of the temporality of\ncustomer perceived value. Third, learning has an important role in customer perceived value.\nWhen looking at learning at the process level, it is a sacrifice, but at the outcome level it turns into\na benefit and thus also amplifies the customer perceived net value. Learning is needed from the\ncustomer to be able to use the new technological service and utilise it effectively, which in turn\nleads the customer to perceive higher value from the service. Moreover, the temporal dimensions\nof value are connected to each other through the customer’s learning that varies according to its\ntype and object at different points of time.\nFor the service providers of new technological services understanding value related to the\nservice and its production is essential. The future success and viability of these kinds of services\nrequires that service providers know what kind of value their customers perceive from the service\nand especially what kind of future expectations they have for it. This study provides implications\nfor the service providers on how to co-create value with their business customers and thus make\ntechnology-intensive business service a profitable business in the future.

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