Mapping the terrain of learner autonomy : learning environments, learning communities and identities

Mapping the terrain of learner autonomy, written by leading researchers and teachers in the field of language learner autonomy, draws a concise map of the main developments in the field, which has expanded enormously in the past decade. It provides an analysis of the current state of learner autonomy practices, presents some concrete examples, addresses issues of teacher, advisor and counsellor development, and suggests future directions both in pedagogical practice and research.

The book will be a useful textbook or reader for advanced students in foreign language education, applied linguistics and teacher education as well as for experienced language teachers who wish to update their knowledge in the field of learner autonomy.

"The book is currently very topical in foreign language education due to an increased attention to the prospects of lifelong learning, intercultural communicative competence, plurilingualism and pluriculturalism, identity and agency in language learning, and responsible citizenship education for the multucultural world. It addresses such concerns from a variety of perspectives. I found the book professionally inspiring reading and an excellent resource of ideas for promoting learner autonomy in FL and SL education, in different educational contexts worldwide."

-Viljo Kohonen, Emeritus Professor, University of Tampere, Finland

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Kjisik, Felicity - Voller, Peter - Aoki, Naoko - Nakata, Yoshiyuki
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