From Governing to Governance

From Governing to Governance discusses changes in basic concepts in public administration and politics. In most discourses the term governance is used as a continuation of fundamental governing practices in the public sector and public administration. This book aims to deepen that debate on several fronts: What are the roots of the term in different scientific and practical discourses? What are the connections of governance to politics and public administration? How are these interpretations reflected in practical administrative policies? How can the new term be implemented in the governing of markets and society? The author attempts to provide answers to these questions by emphasizing a comprehensive interpretation of governance. The ideas of new governance are extended outside public and public management. The author understands the needs for a change of traditional governing, but at the same time tries to defend its core institutional characteristic.

About the author:

Seppo Tiihonen is docent of political science at the University of Helsinki. He has a long career as a civil servant in the Finnish Government, and has worked as a public management specialist in the World Bank. He has studied history of public administration and structures of domination, and is currently writing the history of the Ministry of Finance of Finland.

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