Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Suomen Yliopistopaino Ltd (Finnish business ID code 1508164-0) Webstore is available for both registered and non-registered users for purchasing products and services online. The general terms of order placement, delivery and payment are described in this Terms of Service document. When ordering service products, the product details displayed on the website will contain changes to the Terms of Service when applicable. By submitting the order form, the customer agrees to comply withthe Terms of Service.

Registration and Personal Data

Registering is free and optional, and not necessary for submitting an order. In the registration process, the customer is asked to enter their contact information and choose a personal password. The customer's e-mail address is used as User ID. Placing new orders is easier for registered customers, as the contact information will then be pre-filled on the form. Registered customers may also view their previous orders.

Customer information will not be disclosed to outsiders in any way not approved by law. Read more about registering and storing personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Placing an order

Private persons

The person placing the order needs to be over 18 years of age. When placing an order, the customer must enter their name, postal address and e-mail address.


Companies must enter the name of the company, contact person, delivery address, Finnish business ID code or VAT number, telephone number and e-mail address.

When placing an order, the customer agrees to the Terms of Service valid the moment the order is placed. The contract is binding when the order has been placed and the Terms of Service have been accepted.


The prices of the products are displayed in the product details. All prices include VAT tax, if the product is taxable by the Finnish Value Added Tax Act.

Suomen yliopistopaino Ltd reserves the right to change any prices.

Delivery Method and Time

The customer can choose to pick up the product from a Juvenes Webstore pick-up point or have the product delivered via Posti, the Finnish Postal Service.

If the item is currently in stock, the item will be delivered in 3 to 7 business days. Some products have a longer delivery time of 7 to 14 business days. These delivery times apply to orders delivered to Finland.

If the customer purchases several products that have been marked with different delivery times, the products will be delivered within the longest delivery time on the order. The delivery time is directive and not binding to the sender.

Our pick-up points are

Juvenes Print Customer Service
Naulakatu 2
33100 Tampere

Juvenes Print Customer Service at the Tampere University of Technology
Korkeakoulunkatu 5
33720 Tampere

Cost of Delivery

The displayed cost of delivery includes postage and packaging.

No delivery charge will be applied when the product is picked up from a campus store.

In orders delivered via the postal service we charge according to the size, weight, and destination of the package. The postage will be displayed when placing the order, before the final confirmation.

Payment Methods

The products and postage are paid upon order as an online payment with personal online bank codes (Osuuspankki, Aktia, Nordea, Ålandsbank, S-pankki, Handelsbank, Danske Bank, and Tapiola), or credit card (Mastercard, Visa credit, Visa debit). The transaction service is provided by Point Transaction Systems Oy ("Point"), Finnish Business ID 0943819-9. Point is responsible for receiving, processing, and forwarding the payment.

Companies may also choose a billing service. Billing is only available for registered customers. An invoice processing fee of 7.50 EUR plus VAT tax will be added to each order.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

All products have a 14-day return period counting from the moment the customer has picked up the package or it has been delivered (including weekends and national holidays, excluding day of delivery). Items must be returned no later than the first business day following the 14th day.

Only items that are in original condition and unused may be returned. Returning the package is free to the customer when shipped in Finland. The returns must be made using the Posti postal service Returns Form. Suomen yliopistopaino will not be responsible for any return costs from abroad or when using other methods of shipping.

Day of delivery is the day the customer has picked up the package from the post, or the date on the cash receipt. It is the customer's duty to prove the day of delivery with for example a receipt from the post office.

All product returns must be shipped in the original package and properly packed. The customer must enclose a copy of the receipt or cover letter of the original shipment, as well as the sender's contact information, description of the product, and bank details for refund (when applicable).

Undue returns and cases when a product is returned used, Suomen yliopistopaino will charge the customer both the price of the product and the cost of delivery according to current postage.

Defective Products

The buyer must inform the seller of a defective product within reasonable time from noticing the fault and within a general reasonable time to report a fault. If you are unsure of the fault, please contact the customer service (verkkokauppa@juvenesprint.fi) before returning the product. Juvenes will replace a defective item with no cost to the customer by replacing the item with a new one. If replacing is not possible, Juvenes will refund the cost of the product to the customer's bank account after receiving the returned product.

Force Majeure

Suomen yliopistopaino is not responsible for any delays caused by force majeure, nor any indirect harm caused by a delayed or defective product.

Customer Communication

Juvenes Webstore sends its customers both marketing e-mails and customer service e-mails. The marketing newsletter will be sent only to customers, who has agreed this, else we send only delivery and order e-mails.

Customer service e-mails are always related to the customer's order and delivery from Juvenes Webstore. By accepting the Terms of Service, the customer agrees to receive these e-mails from our customer service. For more information on storing personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.

Dispute Resolution

Any possible disputes between Juvenes Webstore and the customer are resolved under the Finnish law. A consumer has the right to take the matter to a consumer complaint board.

Altering the Contract

Suomen yliopistopaino Ltd reserves the right to change Juvenes Webstore, its contents and availability as well as the Terms of Service by announcing it in the Webstore. Changes are valid immediately, however the Terms of Service valid when a binding contract was made will be applied to the contract.

Validity of terms

These Terms of Service are valid starting February 2, 2015.